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I do more than just guns but that is my specialty. I do minor repairs and part replacement. If you have an older gun or something more rare, that can take some time and obviously add to the cost. I use DuraCoat firearm coating (more details below). I prefer to meet my clients face to face but can do some items through mail. Some transfer fees my be applied to your total (typically $25). I do dash trim and accessories for your vehicle as well*. 




Slide: One color: $100. Design: $150 (Includes basic Mag to match)

Whole gun: One color: $200. Design: $250


Rifle/ Shotgun:

Stock or Partial: One color: $75- $125. Design: $125-$150**

AR15 Upper/ Lower set: One color: $150. Design: $175-$225**

Whole gun (AR15): One color: $200. Design: $300-$400**


PMAGS/ Hex Mags

One color: $15. Design: $20-30**

Misc accessories:

Done by item. Let's talk. 


Game Controllers:



*If your gun is in bad shape (rust, damaged, etc) then we will work out a price accordingly. I am not a gunsmith. I maybe able to recommend one to you if there is in depth work needed to repair your weapon. 


**Costs may vary depending on the level of extra work needed. For example; if you have a previous coating that is failing there may be a labor charge. If there is rust that needs extra attention to remove or smooth before coating there may be a labor coast. All prices will be settled before work starts. 




I will take payment via Paypal, cash or the Cash App. Once a price is set I will invoice you and work will start once the invoice is paid.




  • Outstanding abrasion, impact, chemical, and corrosion resistance

  • Huge selection of colors, sheens, clear finishes, unique one-of-a-kind looks, camo patterns, and old world technology recreations

  • Versatility - most DuraCoat® products can be applied to synthetics, ferrous metals, stainless steel, alloys, wood, etc.

  • Can be applied to all types of guns including, but not limited to: handguns (pistols, revolvers, etc.), rifles (semi-automatic, bolt action, lever, etc.), and shotguns (semi-automatic, pump, break, etc.)











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